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Pay Submission 2011

9 March 2011

TSSA’s claim for improvements to pay and other terms and conditions of employment for members with an April anniversary review date has been submitted.

The claim includes the following elements:

- Substantial pay rise
- Improvement in regional allowances
- Reduction in the working week to 35 hours for all full-time employees
- Increase in annual leave entitlement
- Improvements to family friendly policies
- Improvements to travel facilities
- Review of equal opportunities and diversities policies and practices

A meeting to discuss the claim has taken placed at which the company indicated they would take it away to consider in more detail, but took the opportunity to make the following observations:

- Passenger growth had not matched the level predicted at the time of the franchise bid
- Southern franchise agreement goes from receiving a subsidy from the government to paying the government a £200 million premium
- Average earnings have increased by 2.8% and not RPI inflation levels
- Economic recovery was struggling with a possible double dip recession

TSSA drew to the employer’s attention to the fact that our members were being hit by cost of living increases (+5.1% January RPI) with every day items, such as fuel, food and utilities reaching all time highs. The next meeting with the company will be held on 6th April 2011.

29th April 2011 and 5th June 2012 Public Holidays

Southern has agreed to grant these two extra public holidays to employees. The standard bank holiday terms and conditions detailed in the terms and conditions for each grade will apply.

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