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Pay Talks

21 December 2010

We have had a great deal of difficulty persuading C2C to enter into meaningful pay talks with your reps. C2C had been making excuses based on the pay award taking place within the last 12 months of the franchise. However, thanks to the persistence of your reps, on 20 December 2010, we finally had a meeting to discuss this year’s pay. It seems likely that this change in heart by C2C is related to them having been awarded the franchise for the next three years.

Their first offer was a one-year deal of 2.5%. This was rejected by your reps who noted that the lowest pay award of any train operating company this year was 3.7% and the highest was 5.2%. It was also noted that in May RPI was 5.1%.

It is unlikely that this first offer will be the last and it appears that what the company are really interested in is a three year deal to take them up to and beyond the Olympics. They will be aware of the increased bargaining power we will hold in the run up to the Olympics and appear keen to persuade us to give up that bargaining position.

All we can say is that we are open to listening to any offers but we will be putting any final offer out to our membership for their endorsement or rejection. It would require a very much better deal than that which has been offered currently before we would be in a position to recommend it.

The next pay talks are scheduled for 7th January 2011.

A New Year’s resolution?

The TSSA is a member lead union. We need your help if we are going to achieve our objectives, particularly in the coming 12 months. With the government implementing cuts across public transport provision, we will see jobs under threat, and attempts to erode terms and conditions. At the same time passengers will almost certainly see fares up and while there will be budget pressures which will tend to see service quality going down.

Help us make a difference in 2011. Become an active member of the TSSA and help us protect public transport and our members’ terms and conditions.

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