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Pay Update: Cuts for All, Scraps for Some!

4 February 2015

Following our rejection of Network Rail's initial offer for Maintenance and Operations and Customer Services Bands 5-8 and equivalent, Network Rail have written to our union setting out what they describe as "a substantial improvement".

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You can view the offer here:

It was the fault of the government…

NR have blamed the DfT’s refusal to finance the projected costs of NR’s plans for CP5, the company expect to use your pension fund to pay for the government’s decision to increase their national insurance costs (see, now they expect to subsidise their underfunded CP5 investment programme with your wages, terms and conditions!

The initial offer gave a choice of either 0% or cuts to terms and conditions, labelled “efficiency savings” in exchange for “up to 2%” in 2015. The second offer withdraws the cuts proposals and offers a “0% increase”. Members will reach the penultimate paragraph before reading “which represents our final offer”, suggesting that NR don’t intend to improve their offer at the negotiating table.

First, second and third class

The “enhanced” offer is as follows:

  • A pay freeze for 2015
  • RPI in 2016, 2017 and 2018 unless you reach the top of a role clarity salary band
  • No compulsory redundancies (NCR) during 2015 unless you are one of around 4,500 staff who work outside Network Operations
  • A national railcard of equivalent value to those available to the general public for £30

Future pay freeze? Compare the market!

Central to our pay claim was an increase in Role Clarity band salary limits to ensure that all members receive a consolidated salary increase. Network Rail responded: “Having reviewed market data, we will not be increasing the band maxima for 2015…. We commit to review with you the band maxima for 2016, 2017 and 2018, against the market data”.

You decide!

Our response to the company will be decided by your Area Council Reps, who will be led by you. After reading the offer letter, make sure you share your views with your rep. Look out for details of workplace members’ meetings or branch meetings in your area and go along to join the debate.Our Area Council Reps will be meeting in early March to agree our next steps – make sure you make your voice heard before then.

Who’s my rep?

Use this link for a list of current Area Council Reps:

If you have a vacancy in your area, we need your help! Download and print a nomination form and ask your colleagues to support your nomination. Alternatively, if you have a colleague who could make a good rep, ask them to stand for nomination:

Keep up to date!

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