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Payment Arrangements for Sunday 1 January 2012

20 December 2011

Details on the payment arnagments agreed with First Great Western


Details of the Arrangements

The Company has provided us with their written confirmation of the Arrangements as follows:

· All grades will receive “½ time extra on current Sunday rates for all turns commencing on Sunday 1 January 2012 e.g. Sunday @ 1.1/4 (125%) will be paid at 1.3/4 (175%).”

· “For those grades that have Sunday inside the guaranteed week the ½ time extra enhancement will be paid on rostered and overtime turns of duty commencing on Sunday 1 January 2012.”

We are very pleased that the offer this year is extended to the basic salary of the Management grade. Specifically those “that have a rostered turn of duty commencing on Sunday 1 January and are required to work” plus “On Call Managers that are called out and attend the workplace.”

We accepted this offer on behalf of the members last week and therefore we expect that the payments will be made accordingly. If however there are anomalies please discuss these in a first instance with your relevant reps.

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