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Iarnrod Eireann Labour Court Update:

25 May 2017

TSSA along with the other trades unions meet with the labour court 25/05/2017 to put forward a pay claim.


After years of cost containment and no pay rises we have asked the court to recommend a significant pay increase.

All unions are of the view that through a combination of significant savings being delivered both via payroll and non-payroll along with the significant improvements in passenger numbers and revenue streams that the criteria for a pay rise has been meet.

The company however have argued that they remain in a serious financial difficulty and are not in a position to offer any pay rise.

The labour court has requested before it will make a decision that the company provide more detail around the financial situation faced by the company. The court has given the company 10 days to provide the information at which time the trade union group with have 10 days to respond.

Once this has been completed we will return to the labour court.

We will keep members updated.

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