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PCSO Demand update

28 October 2016

Demand Review - PCSOs say NO to 0100 finishes PCSOs overwhelmingly rejected a shift pattern with 01:00 finish in the recent TSSA survey on the Demand review.

Only 9 of 145 PCSOs preferred a 01:00 finish, the majority listing this option last as they ranked preferences for 23:00 finish, night shift or 01:00 finish. The overall results were:
• Roster to include latest finish at 23:00: 70 PCSOs gave 1st preference
• Roster to include Night shift working: 66 PCSOs gave 1st preference
• Roster to include latest finish at 01:00: 9 PCSOs gave 1st preference

Broadly equal numbers (70-66) preferred either 23:00 finish or night shift - with preferences for nightshift concentrated in stations where nightshift have already been worked.

TSSA has also been holding local meetings for PCSOs in B Div; C Div meetings are to follow in the week ahead, and we have been able to feedback to management views so far gathered from these meetings and from email/ phone contact with members.

Report from Demand Review meeting 24 Oct

TSSA reported on the survey results to management. We stressed:

01:00: the period between 23:00 - 01:00 is viewed by PCSOs as the most confrontational period of evening and night working - facing drunks & aggression, with less work with the regular station community. PCSOs often work on between PCs shifts starting and finishing; back up from Police Officer colleagues can be hit and miss but patrols on trains are still carried out. While most line managers ensure double crewing at this time, this can be a problem.

01:00: Many PCSOs struggle to get home - missing the last train, not being able to afford car parking, feeling at risk waiting for infrequent trains and nightbuses; often double the journey time. This is a duty of care issue.

01:00 - a finish time in the middle of the night. If PCSOs are required to work at this time, it should be a proper night shift, paid night shift allowance and able to get home in the morning.

Having reported on the survey and views about 01:00, TSSA put forward a roster for E/Ls with a 23:00 finish on lates as an alternative proposal for the 19/7 roster.
On night shifts, we discussed the Chief Officer Group position for PCSOs and asked the Force to reconsider so that an alternative roster for PCSOs in the locations that are interested in nightshift can be looked at properly. TSSA will submit an alternative to the two 24 hour rosters proposed by the Demand Review team, but this input needs to be in keeping with meaningful consultation. An alternative roster which provides a 4 day rest period for Police Officers following nights has been accepted by the DRD team - for PCSOs, the finish on lates also need to be addressed.

Also on nightshifts, members will recall that the Consultation documentation included a commitment to no financial detriment to substantive pay. Despite pension and redundancy calculations including shift allowances, BTP is interpreting ‘substantive pay’ as not including shift allowance. TSSA disagrees with this.

Other issues raised:

  • Current high turnover of Police Officers and PCSOs and widespread under-staffing. Will there be enough officers to fulfil these rosters? The answer is pending recruitment.
  • A number of issues from specific stations were raised. The DRD team said that there was potential for local variation on the national rosters, subject to agreement, and asked for views.
  • We asked if there was a plan to move PCSOs, especially outside London (BTP needs to respond on this)
  • TFL Agreement - PCSOs - agenda item for next meeting


TSSA is increasingly concerned that there is insufficient time, meetings and information provided for this consultation at national level to be meaningful, a term which means working with a view to reaching agreement.

Our view is that there has been insufficient discussion to verify local staff numbers, operational demand and plans against the proposed rosters in enough detail to take into consideration varying local requirements for both the service and for staff.

We believe that the views of PCSOs could be accommodated, a strong rationale for this exists and there is reasonable scope to do so even within national rosters, TSSA will continue to work hard to aim for agreement.

Further information:
Neil Baker TSSA PCSO rep - B Division Jonathan Davies TSSA PCSO rep - C Division

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