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C.I.E Pension scheme

28 November 2015

TSSA along with the other trade unions meet with the CIE group Thursday 26 November to discuss pensions.


The focus of the meeting was the issue of the funding of the scheme. Much rumour and media attention has been circulating on the issue that has been unhelpful and only clouds the issue.

TSSA along with the other unions expressed our serious concerns of the lack of proper consultation on the issues impacting the pension scheme. We also reminded the CIE group that any attempt to change or vary pension terms and conditions without agreement from the trade unions would be resisted fervently.

TSSA along with the other trade unions have decided that we will engage the expertise of an independent pension’s expert to clarify the pension situation.

Once we have an independent assessment of the relevant and up to date documents and figures we will be in a better situation to engage with the CIE group.

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