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Penguin Protest calls for rail fares freeze at Lib Dem conference

24 September 2012

Nick Clegg Breaks Another Key Election Pledge. Protesters dressed as penguins staged a demo outside the Lib Dem conference in Brighton today calling on Nick Clegg to freeze rail fares instead of hiking them by 6% in January.

Lib Dem Penguins

The demonstrators accused the party leader of breaking his election pledge to CUT rail fares which will have now risen by 18% since the last election.

Carrying placards, the penguin suited members of the TSSA rail union held a giant helium balloon outside the Brighton Conference Centre captioned:

"Nick: You're Nicked For The Great Train Robbery - Freeze Rail Fares Now."

Union general secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"We don't want another insincere apology like Nick Clegg gave to the students he mislead over increased tution fees last week. He also mislead millions of rail passengers when he clearly stated in his party's manifesto that we would cut rail fares. Well he now has a chance to do something positive on fares which are already the highest in Europe. He can simply ask David Cameron to cancel the January increases. It won't be a fares cut but at least it will be a start on reducing the huge burden that the Coalition has already imposed passengers."

He pointed out that under present Coalition plans, rail fares are due to rise by a further 5 to 6% in January 2014 before reverting to RPI plus 1% from January 2015.

"We will be looking at rail fares rising between 25 and 30% under this Government if Nick Clegg just offers cost free apologies rather than any firm action," he added.

Lib Dem Penguins 2

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