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Pensions: The Government Way - Pay More, Work Longer, Get Less

21 October 2011

TSSA members in Translink who are members of the Northern Ireland Local Government Pension Scheme (NILGOSC) are obviously concerned about the impact of the major changes that are planned for the pension scheme.

It is now time for TSSA members to defend TSSA members' pension rights.

Proposals faced by TSSA members are a clear devaluing of your pension income.

Changes faced are:

  • moving indexation from RPI to CPI a cut of approximately 15% in the value of pensions
  • increasing the normal pension age for occupational pension schemes across the public services
  • moving away from a final salary pension to one based on career average earnings
  • increasing pension contribution rates by 3.2% to provide the Treasury with savings of £6.2 billion, not to deal with any pension blackhole, but to make you pay for the current UK financial deficit which you did nothing to create

ICTU have requested full support from all Unions and their members enrolled in NILGOSC, to stand together in a day industrial of action (30/11/2011)

TSSA members and all Union members have a choice regarding the Industrial day of action, we either stand still or let the authorities walk over us or stand up and be heard.

To this end TSSA and all other Unions are putting the question to our members. Ballot papers will be forwarded to your home address with instructions and information explaining the current situation, and request you to state your position on this issue.

TSSA and all other Unions ask that you vote YES on the ballot paper, but the decision is up to the individual concerned. We remind TSSA members to check if their current home address corresponds with our mailing list.

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