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Pensions under threat if Serco win CalMac contract

16 May 2016

Pensions could be hit if Serco win the contract to privatise CalMac ferries, TSSA warned today.

Speaking ahead of Thursday's demo outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, union leader Manuel Cortes said:

"The first thing that Serco did when it won the contract for the Orkneys and Shetlands was to attack the pension scheme of the workforce. History could repeat itself if the SNP Government choose this anti-union firm over Calmac in the race to privatise a vital public service.

"We want to see the service kept in public hands for the good of the communities that rely on it and the workers employed to provide that service.

"Every MSP will have to stand up and be counted on this issue when they return to Holyrood on Thursday for their first parliamentary session since the elections."

A Government announcement on the sell off is expected by May 31.

Mr Cortes added: "It is a test case for the SNP, do they back private profiteers over the public good. Our members will be holding them to account if they fail this basic test."

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