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President Election 2011: Details

29 March 2011

Personal Statements and Biographical details of candidates

Harriet Yeo

Harriet Yeo

Trades Union Experience

TSSA Treasurer (2007 – current) This has been one of the toughest times for working people for a generation and the Cuts agenda as implemented by the present government is catastrophic for working people. One of the crucial ways of organising available to us right now is the internet. Building on my successes in delivery for TSSA members, during my role as Treasurer, one of my achievements has been as Chair of the IT Working Party where I have been able to deliver a new website (launch conference 2011) with the functionality that has been asked for by TSSA members at numerous Annual Conferences to be able to make the best of the opportunities that electronic communication opens up for the Association;

Delivered for TSSA members – New Website with online joining!

As a non London resident, during the recent LUL dispute I have campaigned in my home town of Ashford to engage the thousands of commuters that we have to understand what we are doing and why.
Delivered for LUL TSSA members – wider support from outside London.

During my tenure as Treasurer I have represented TSSA on the Labour Party NEC, I have worked tirelessly along with the other Trades Union representatives to represent working people. The leadership training that I received in college, through my Trades Union experience and employment as I lead a team of 30 people in a tough International Transport environment has shone through and MP former Labour Party Treasurer/AGS UNITE says of me “Harriet is a fearless and outstanding champion of working people. On the NEC, when she talks, everyone listens. And she is a powerful advocate of better Transport in Britain and a better deal for Britain’s Transport Workers” Mary Turner, President GMB has also commended me for my defence of working people.

Delivered for TSSA members – a strong voice within the Labour Party

During conference the Treasurer is called upon to stand in for the President and I am proud that my positive history in delivering for TSSA members as Treasurer has led outgoing President, Andy Bain, to give me his support in standing for President.

TSSA EC (1997 – 2005)

One of the first things that I did after joining the Executive Committee in 1997 was to initiate the very first Self Organised Group ‘Women in Focus’ the success of this group led to the formation of all other Self Organised Groups.

Delivered for TSSA members – Self Organised Groups

As the first TSSA member in the Eurostar call centre I took the membership from 0% - 80+% in a few weeks. Delivered for TSSA – a newly organised work place.

TSSA Rep (1993-2001)

During my 8 years as a TSSA rep for the 200+ Eurostar Ashford call centre I fought the inconsiderate and unnecessarily chaotic rostering, putting a stop to it and also putting a stop to the introduction of targeted toilet breaks! Whilst at Eurostar I was able to work with reps from Waterloo and negotiate with management for staff to be able to take a partner to whom they were not married on their Eurostar trips; which made Eurostar one of the first TOC’s to offer same sex partners travel facilities.

Delivered for TSSA in Eurostar – Travel facilities for same sex partners, subsequently A N Other.

Women’s Committee International Transport Federation (Tourism Section1998–2002) – Representing TSSA on the ITF Women’s Committee I contributed to improving the working situation of women transport members the world over.

Senior Regional Rep UNITE (was BIFU)

Prior to working at Eurostar I worked for LloydsTSB where I was a Senior Regional Rep and it was here that I received in depth Trade Union Leadership training which enhanced the leadership training learnt during my Business Studies time at college. The training I received here was second to none and it has enabled me to deliver for union members ever since.

South East Trades Union Network(current)

The biggest agenda item I am contributing to fighting here is the cuts agenda and fighting to protect workers in the South East.

South East Trades Union Liaison Organisation(current)

Working alongside the Labour Party Regional Board SE TULO is making sure that the Trades Union voice is fully taken into account when planning the political agenda in the South East.

Divisional council member (1994-current)

Previously TSSA
- Branch Chair
- Branch Secretary
- Annual Conference Delegate
- Labour Party Delegate
- TUC Delegate to the annual

Labour Party

Whilst an NEC member I have chaired the annual Labour Party Conference.
- Labour Party Equality Committee - Vice Chair for women
- Member of the Labour Party Audit Committee
- Creating Sustainable Communities Policy Commission (2005 – now) This commission is responsible for Transport policy within the Labour Party.
- Britain In the World Policy Commission (2001 – 2005)
- National Policy Forum (1997 – 2005)I moved and won the Alternative position at the NPF for Public Ownership of the Railways enabling the General Secretary to move this from the floor of conference.
- Chair South Eastern Regional Board I have been Chair of the South East Region for since 1999. I have recently urged all the members in the South East to join the Anti Cuts march on March 26th to build the momentum to stop the vicious cuts that workers are facing the country over.
- Borough Councillor (2003-2007) To win this seat I had to stand against the National Front at a time when I was also the TSSA representative on the Steering Committee of the Anti Nazi League. This was a hard battle, fought at risk to my own safety but such is my passion for equality and the right for everyone to be heard that I carried on, and won. I fought the Tory cabinet member to have asbestos removed from the homes of council tenants. I stood down from this role to concentrate on union responsibilities.
- Constituency Chair
- Branch Chair
- As recognition of my work on Palestine I have just become a member of the steering committee of the newly formed Labour Friends of Palestine


- Partnership Manager (2001-now)

Here I manage 30 staff. Working in an international transport environment has opened my eyes to the problems transport and other workers face globally.


Gaining leadership training and experience at local, regional, national and international level both within TSSA and my employment, along with my unparalleled delivery record for TSSA members has left me well placed to lead TSSA through the challenging years ahead with the proven ability to fight, at the highest levels, the approaching threats from this government. Workers are faced with having to pay the costs of reckless bankers and this cannot be right. We must fight. LUL workers are some of the first to face these problems, as a Trades Union we must remain strong, defending our members from these cuts.

If elected President, working with a Treasurer candidate like , I would fearlessly defend Transport and Travel workers, standing firm with workers the country over, showing TSSA protecting all its members. It is now the time for action and I look forward to leading TSSA in that action.

Doug Blundell

Doug Blundell

TSSA Biography

TSSA member for 26 years

Actively representing TSSA members for over 24 years

Labour Party member

London Underground Station Supervisor (Wembley Park)

I have been leading in work place organisation for many years and began organising long before TSSA decided to adopt the organising model.

As I strongly believe that if you are to achieve success for the membership you must have their mandate and support to follow it through to a successful conclusion and to that end I have listed some of the activities that I have been involved in to help achieve TSSA members’ aspirations.

TSSA Branch Activity

- Branch Chair (current position)
- Vice Chair
- Organising Secretary
- Annual Conference Delegate
- Divisional Council Delegate
- Auditor
- Trades Council Delegate
- Led in helping to establish Spectrum’s conception

Past positions and responsibilities in representing TSSA members

- Local Health and Safety representative
- Tier 2 Safety Forum
- Jubilee Line Extension Consultative Committee
- Safety Council member
- Pensions Committee member
- Only male member co-opted to the Women’s Equality Forum (in recognition of my record on women’s rights in the workplace)
- Uniform Consultative Committee
- Lead industrial representative for TSSA during the 2008 dispute
- Lead negotiator for TSSA for the shorter working week
- Helped organise petitions against the proposed closure of ticket offices on LUL, which was a successful campaign
- Spoke to Harrow Trades Council, local residents on backing the campaign against the proposed ticket office closures
- Led in arranging for proper and meaningful consultation for members in TfL
- Led in organising events for TSSA members to have their say and respond to any work place proposals
- Negotiated with Ken Livingston (London Mayor) on the 2008 dispute
- EC member of delegation that organised the twinning of ZARWU (Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Workers Union) and TSSA
Current positions and responsibilities in representing TSSA members

- Local industrial representative
- Functional Council representative
- Company Council representative
- Representing TSSA members at grievances, harassment and disciplinary hearings
- Leading in arranging release for TSSA representatives for consultation purposes
- Recruitment of members, recruiting over 50 members in one year
- Helping to encourage and support TSSA reps within my division and across the country in work place organising
- Organising training and learning for all reps on LUL
- EC Lead on Learning Steering Committee for Union Learning Reps
- Unions 21 TSSA member
- Leading in the current dispute with LUL over job cuts
- Organised picket lines during the LUL strike
- Lead negotiator for TSSA at Functional Council
- Lead negotiator for TSSA at Company Council
- Lead negotiator for TSSA at various joint working parties
- Lead negotiator for TSSA at ACAS
- TSSA Executive Committee Member

Representative and Organising Qualifications
- Degree in Trade Union and Labour Studies
- Levels 1 and 2 industrial reps course
- Harassment course
- Negotiating course
- Collective bargaining course
- Company Council course
- Media course
- TUC Lay Leadership Development Programme


This election will set the culture, policy and shape of TSSA for many years ahead and takes place during the worst economic slump we’ve known. The first priority for our union must always be to defend and promote the interests of members each and every day and we need leaders who will do this.

My priorities are defending jobs and pensions and improving pay and conditions. I regularly negotiate with employers and politicians and have actively supported and led the collective action of LUL members looking to defend their interests.

I’m the only Presidential candidate currently working in a TSSA organised workplace, the only Presidential candidate representing TSSA members daily at local, company and executive level.

TSSA members are my priority but TSSA needs a President with the knowledge and experience to respond to your priorities. If you agree please vote for me to organise around and promote your issues.

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