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Privatising Bus √Čireann won't work for passengers or taxpayers warns TSSA

21 March 2018

Following the announcement that Bus √Čireann is to have routes privatised, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“Fine Gael are determined to bring to Ireland the many failures of public transport privatisation that we witness in Britain. 

“It seems Transport Minister Shane Ross is going back on his word not to go through with the privatisation of Bus Éireann. In spite of accusing TDs in the Dáil of misleading people about privatisation only in April last year by saying “I have no intention of going down that road, nor will I go down that road.’’ It seems that’s not the case – unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised.

“But we all know Ross just hates publicly owned transport companies. Yet, in a rational world, it would simply make no sense to allow greedy private operators to make a killing from running vital public services. 

“Our union will continue campaigning to stop any more Irish bus routes from being awarded to privateers. In fact, we want to see them all back under public ownership and control. 

“Bus privatisation simply doesn't work for passengers or taxpayers. In Britain, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is committed to bringing our railways back into public ownership and extending this model to our busses too. 

“A policy which is popular with the majority of voters irrespective of party affiliation. Why should we allow profits to be made from vital public services? I am sure that most people in Ireland will also agree with this sentiment. That's why our union will continue banging the drum for public ownership of transport across Ireland. We will also not shy away from taking whatever action is needed to protect our members interests. If more routes are put to tender, then industrial action is likely to follow.

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