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Proposed Outsourcing of Information Systems (IS)

17 March 2011

We met with Eurostar HR and management today with regard to the way forward and the same presentation given to staff in February was today presented to TSSA. We will be meeting again shortly after the Eurostar Board have taken a decision with regard to the preferred bidder on 24th March 2011.

Concerns that TSSA have raised with Eurostar include:

-* The vagueness of the cost savings the company feel they can achieve and the fact that they have only used worse case scenario costings
-* The impact of outsourcing strategy on the rest of the company in the future, for example call centre operations
-* The failure to consult with IS staff initially to consider other options for cost savings and retaining the work in-house
-* The impact of the potential to move UK jobs offshore and the overall effect on the UK economy and our members employment security
-* The concern that knowing the possibility that work will be transferred to India or elsewhere that Eurostar could be transferring our members into a redundancy situation and simply washing their hands of any responsibility
-* We have questioned how the savings will be achieved and whether staff costs are a large part of this in order to justify the possibility of keeping IS staff employed by Eurostar but being seconded to and managed by the preferred bidder
-* We have asked Eurostar to look at the above option in order to protect employment and pension rights
-* TSSA have already written to the company to request that this matter be consulted on a company level with the involvement of full time union officials

We would encourage our members who are affected to get in contact with TSSA either direct to myself on or 07799 891045 or to attend the next Eurostar Branch meeting on 29th March 2011 where this matter will be discussed. Please follow the link below for branch meeting details:

TSSA Branch Meeting Invite

We will keep you advised of any further discussions we have with Eurostar or if we hear of further developments.

If you are affected by this and are not a member of a union you should be aware that union membership presents the benefits not only of a collective voice but also legal advice and representation should you require it. You can download an application form here or contact me on the details above.

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