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Protect your pension

24 November 2010

Appeal: Help defend Thomas Cook Pensions

Thomas Cook have announced that they plan to scrap their Final Salary Pension Scheme because they say they cannot afford to maintain it in its current form.

We do not believe that this is the case as Thomas Cook reported profits of £750 million in their May 2010 interim results.

We don’t know what will happen after the merger- join your union now and protect your future.

As part of the merger with Co-op, they have proposed that the new company will only have a basic defined contribution pension scheme.

Those Thomas Cook staff already forced into the defined contribution scheme will know that the pension payable on retirement is tiny by any measure. Worse—a small pension could mean that they could miss out on some state benefits to boot.

TSSA has demanded that Thomas Cook reconsider this and review the whole of the pension scheme not just one part of it, with a view to having a scheme that guarantees a decent living pension on retirement. Staff deserve better than to be thrown on the scrapheap after their work is done.

We need a decent, affordable pension scheme, open to everybody, that provides our members with dignity in retirement.
Join our campaign

TSSA are asking you to back the campaign for fair pensions.

We are asking you to fill in our survey and ask colleagues to do the same.
We have asked the Company to keep pensions as they are until the merger happens and then consult with all members.

Click here to take survey

If you can help, please send an email to Jessie at
We will provide volunteers with all you need to ensure you are confident and fully prepared. There will be lots of issues to iron out in the new Company. Get on board and help us make Thomas Cook a better place to work.

Your help can make a real difference.
Sign up a colleague today- you don’t know what will happen tomorrow!

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