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Publicly owned franchises good news for passengers

25 September 2013

A publicly owned rail franchise system would end rip off rail fares and be a vote winner for Labour, the TSSA rail union said in Brighton today.

Speaking after conference voted to take public control of private franchises as they expire, union general secretary Manuel Cortes said:
"This will be a real vote winner on the doorstep and will help Ed on his way to Downing Street.
"Passengers have seen fares more than double to the highest in Europe since John Major's disastrous sell off twenty years ago. Philip Hammond was right, they are now a rich man's toy beyond the means of many families.
"This will put a stop to that rip off system which has benefited the few, Sir Richard Branson and Brian Souter, rather than millions of ordinary fare passengers who still face yearly increases above the inflation for at least the next five years."

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