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CIE Pension Update

14 November 2019

The TSSA along with the rest of the Trade Union Group (TSSA, SIPTU, Connect, NBRU & UNITE) meet with the company at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) 11/11/19 & 12/11/19 to discuss the ongoing issues facing the pension scheme.

 Talks were long and exhaustive only finishing at 4am on Wednesday morning.


We have now taken an adjournment from the WRC. It was the view of the WRC that that both parties should take time to go away and reflect on our positions and that the WRC would be in contact with us over the next couple of weeks around possibly coming back to restart the negotiations. It is fair to say that a significant gap remains between the Trade Union Group and the company on this issue.


I believe the WRC recognised that as we had spent 2 days and were now in the small hours of the morning that it probably was not the best space to be making significant decisions on such a serious issue and hence they have asked us to take a breather before having another go at it.


As you would be aware the next stage in the process if we have no success back at the WRC would be possibly going to the labour court. This may be an issue we have to consider but our preference remains that we resolve this issue ourselves.



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