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Iarnrod Eireann Labour Court Pay Update

1 August 2017

TSSA along with the other trades unions meet with the labour court 31/07/2017 continuing our pay claim.


The labour court has adjourned to reflect on our and the companies submission. The court has indicated it may call back the trade unions if they require further information or clarification.

We have put forward our case that after years of cost containment and no pay rises we believe it is only right and proper that members receive a significant pay increase.

TSSA are of the view that through a combination of significant savings being delivered both via payroll and non-payroll along with the significant improvements in passenger numbers and revenue streams that the criteria for a pay rise has been meet.

The company however continue to argue that they remain in serious financial difficulty and are not in a position to offer any pay rise unless it is linked to productivity. We view that the company is in a position to offer a pay increase that recognises and rewards the sacrifices made by members over the last number of years. Our view is that rather than not being in a position to offer a pay increase the company is deliberately choosing not to.

Rather than recognising the goodwill shown by members enduring the various cost containments agreements and pay freezes the company is choosing to continue with a model that looks to see members funding their own pay rises through productivity agreements. Enough is enough. The company needs to recognise that our goodwill has now been exhausted and that it should do the right thing and put is staff first and offer a fair and reasonable pay rise.

The TSSA cannot accept the company position and we believe that members should be awarded a flat pay increase separate from any productivity component.

We await the labour court coming back to us after they have reflected on the submissions. Once we hear from the court we will update members.

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