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Punish Boris tube stooges at ballot box

6 January 2014

A London wide campaign was launched today to turn May's borough council elections into a referendum on the Mayor's plans to axe all 260 tube ticket offices.

The Labour Party and TSSA rail union began distributing 500,000 leaflets across the capital  urging voters to "save their ticket office" by dumping Tory and Lib Dem councillors who back the plans when polling takes place in all 32 boroughs on May 22.
Launching the campaign at London Bridge station, with London Shadow Minister Sadiq Kahn and GLA Labour transport spokesperson Val Shawcross, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said: "This is a real chance for Londoners to send a message to Boris Johnson telling him what they really think about his U-turn on his 2008 election pledge to keep open every ticket office.
"He will not have to face the capital's voters again because he will almost certainly be back in the House of Commons in 2016 chasing his long term ambition of becoming Tory party leader.
"But Tory councillors, and their Lib Dem acolytes who support this plan, must be made aware of the political price they will pay if they back ticket office closures in their local boroughs.
"We say a closed ticket office makes a station less safe and secure to the travelling public. They will have to tell voters why they believe the complete opposite."
Note to Picture Editors: Sadiq Khan, Val Shawcross and Manuel Cortes will launch the campaign with a photo op at 08.15-08.30 Hours at London Bridge Station, Main Concourse (Platforms 8-13) on January 6 2014.

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