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Rail fare hike is because we don't have public control

5 December 2017

TSSA responds to the news that train fares in Britain will rise by an average of 3.4% on 2nd of January.

Said TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes,

"The Tory law that meant inflation linked rail fare rises were made legal is an ass. If your fare to work costs you say £10 a day, this increase means you are going to have to cough up nearly another hundred quid next year. Passengers are being bled dry to ensure our private train companies stay in profit. This Tory government is all about rail for the profiteering few. But our increasingly many British rail commuters desperately need fairer fares.

“TSSA last week published a report in which we showed how in Scotland, taking ScotRail back into public control - it’s already in our ownership we just franchise it out. To Dutch government company Abellio - would immediately reduce fares by 6.5%. And there would be ongoing annual fare reductions, not fare rises, as profits from fares become reinvested into the Scottish rail system rather than syphoned off to meet shareholder dividends. All indications are that the same pattern would apply if rail companies were brought back into public ownership south of the border. In Scotland, SNP Transport Minister Humza Yousaf is listening to what TSSA is saying and now considering how to break Abellio’s grip on the franchise. If his Tory counterpart for England and Wales, Chris Grayling were open to running rail in the interests of people south of he border, he would have accepted my request to meet him more than a year ago to take our union’s long and considered opinion on how to do rail better and help beleaguered passengers
to a better, cheaper commute. I’m still waiting for a reply.”

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