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Rail fares rise again

4 December 2015

Responding to the Rail Delivery Group's announcement that rail fares will go up again in January, TSSA union chief Manuel Cortes said: "British passengers already have the highest fares and slowest trains in Europe.

"The Rail Delivery Group may want to do the annual Scrooge like spin that fares rises aren't really fare rises, but rail commuters will be groaning at the weasel words of RDG's CEO Paul Plummer who is hiding behind statistical fare averages to conceal the high cost of real fares rises about to be imposed on commuters.

"There are so many different rail ticket prices that understanding them is now more complicated than getting your head round the energy company's tarif bands.

"And this RPI linked 1.1 pc is only linked to regulated fares. Unregulated off-peak tickets can go up by as much as a rail company wants.

"Even with RDG's fancy accountancy spinning it look to like they aren't making much money out of  passengers, RDG  admit to clear profit of 3pc on passenger fares alone.

"That doesn't even take into account public subsidies for operational costs and with passenger levels at an all time 3pc of then billions spent in fares amounts to a healthy cash sum which would be better ploughed back into passengers pockets than company profits."

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