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Rail fares will jump by 30% warns Union Leader

21 October 2010

TSSA leader Gerry Doherty condemned the Coalition for pushing up rail fares by a huge 30% over the next four years.

By replacing the existing fares cap of RPI plus 1% with a new one of RPI plus 3% from January 2012, ministers were squeezing commuters "until the pips`squeaked".

"If inflation stays at its present levels, we are looking an annual rises of 8% year on year until 2014 on top of 6% from next January, he warned.

"That amounts to a 30% increase on hard pressed commuters who are already forking between £3,000 and £4,000 for the privilege of getting to work.

"A family man travelling up from Brighton now pays £3,550 for his annual ticket. From 2014, he will paying £4,750, one third more than he pays now.

"Is Philip Hammond really saying this is fair because wages will certainly not be going up 30 per cent in the next four years. Pay freezes and job cuts are the more likely outcome.

"If the Coalition were serious about improving rail passenger numbers they would have stuck to the Lib Dem manifesto pledge of increases of RPI minus 1%.

"This proves they are not serious and are merely exploiting a captive commuter audience to raise more money for the Treasury."

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