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Rail pensioners warned not to gamble with Salmond

16 September 2014

Scotland's 15,000 rail pensioners were warned today against gambling their index linked pensions on a "Yes" vote on Thursday.

Livingston MP Graeme Morrice said they should not take "a leap in the dark" when there would be so much uncertainty on the economy in a post independence Scotland.

"All we have had from Alex Salmond is a wish list on what the economic future might be," he said.

"Well all the money markets have been saying that a Salmond Pound will be worth less than sterling. No one with a pension being paid by Network Rail or formerly British Rail from London can afford to indulge in wishful thinking. They need economc certainty."

The MP, who is a member of TSSA's parliamentary group, spoke out after talks with the union's leader Manuel Cortes in Livingston.

The union general secretary has written to Mr Salmond seeking assurances that his members pensions would not suffer in a post independent Scotland when Network Rail, East Coast, Cross Country and Virgin would have to run cross border pensions scheme.

"We would like answers before our members vote on Thursday," he added.

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