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Rail regulator gives wrong answer on Network Rail funding

12 June 2013

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union which is campaigning for an inquiry into level crossing safety at NR, has criticised ORR's call for a £2 billion cut in the firm's five year spending plans.

"The ORR is prescribing completely the wrong sort of medicine in calling for further cuts of £2 billion at NR. It will mean a slower, less efficient and less safe railway," he said.

"We have seen 1400 maintenance jobs cut in 2011 and over 15% over the past five years. Now thousands more will go over the next five years if the ORR gets its way.

"This is why the trains are not running on time. We want to see a safer and more efficient railway and that is why we want to see the Transport Select Committee hold an inquiry into level crossing safety.

"But we think the ORR is simply wrong by calling for improved safety while demanding budget cuts at the same time. The former will suffer if the latter happens.

"On this occasion, the men in Whitehall clearly do not know what is best for our industry."

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