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Rail union leader says fighting Brexit key to fighting the rise of racism & alt-right

17 August 2018

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, will make a powerful plea today (Friday) to Labour Party members and beyond to come together to combat the growing menace of the alt-right to British body politics.

Writing on the LabourList site Cortes describes Brexit as the “alt-right’s British pet project.” He notes the growing working class disillusionment in Labour’s Leave-voting heartlands with a recent poll showing 112 parliamentary Leave constituencies would now vote remain. He is concerned to about the recent march of 20,000 alt-right thugs through London last month.

A conviction Remainer, Cortes calls on the Lexiters to re-evaluate their position and examine “the battlefield before us.” He calls on the right of his Party to drop their fight with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and warns them their strategy imperils a Labour government. ”Do not blight the future of our next generation by keeping Labour from power,” he tells them.

He compares the growth of the new Left Against Brexit resistance groups forming across the country to the development of the anti-Poll Tax movement which mushroomed to defeat Margaret Thatcher without support from the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock.

But he says “Corbyn is no Kinnock”, and he predicts Corbyn will rise to the challenges of leading a movement against the alt-right. “He won’t let the opportunity pass to lead a growing movement against Brexit as it expands itself to become a beacon against the rising tide of racism and fascism,” writes Cortes.

Appealing to the Left to drop their differences in the face of “fascist creep” and come together “shoulder to shoulder against the alt-right”, Cortes describes Brexit as a Trojan horse that must be “put down before it unleashes the economic chaos within it that is fascism’s fertile ground”.

Deploying the famous anti-fascist slogan from the Spanish Civil War No Paseran! (they shall not pass) Cortes claims “the only tactical response for the Left towards Brexit is now, “No Paseran!”

Cortes’ concerns about the rising tide of the alt-right and the increased nastiness of British politics since the neo-Nazi murder of Labour MP, Jo Cox in the run-up to the Brexit referendum two years ago and the increase in attacks on people of all creeds and colour echo those of Anti-Nazi League founders Peter Hain and Paul Holborrow and Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell who this week have also called for a new movement against the alt-right.

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