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Railcard for under 30s is rehash of old news from Department of Gridlock

2 January 2019

Responding to a Department for Transport Gridlock rehash of old news that Grayling is slashing rail fares for the under 30s, TSSA boss, Manuel Cortes said:

“This is just a respin of old news from the Ministry of Gridlock. Young people already have rail card entitlement. It was extended up to 30 year-olds last year and created more chaos because they hadn’t made enough cards to meet the huge demand.

"No passenger believes the Tories have got a clue how to run a rail system.

"Freezing fares for all passengers would be a help to the hard-pressed commuter, but it’s only one part of what it takes to run a railway: trains that turn up, run on time and advisory staff in ticket offices, on platforms plus the return of the station porter to help with luggage would truly be putting passenger service back at the heart of our railways.”


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