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Recent changes

9 February 2011

As you should all be aware Scott Wilson was taken over by the American firm URS on 10 September 2010. Shortly after which they announced that the business was being restructured and would result in a number of redundancies. These changes were communicated to the Company Council at its last meeting on 25 November 2010.

Although since this date the Company Council itself has not yet met, the company sought employee representatives for redundancy consultation purposes and some of the Company Council reps were involved in these discussions.

One of your reps has kindly agreed to provide the following update:
The Collective Consultation Group or the Employee Representative Forum as it is sometimes referred to comprised of 40-60 Scott Wilson staff members of the collective UK-wide, representing many but not all of the former Scott Wilson offices, and various disciplines.

This group has been used to provide the consultation element in the restructuring programme and associated redundancies and all of the reps have been provided with some associated informal training course on this. As a result of direct actions by this group, information on what was happening to staff locally and at associated satellite offices has been kept flowing. Also, both from the Glasgow offices and elsewhere in the UK lots of questions seem to have been asked and responded to by management.

The actual restructuring process is the same as previous railways related exercises in that affected numbers and offices have been identified, individuals have been notified as being at risk, then initial interview followed by 30 day consultation process followed by outcome meeting.

It was confirmed last week that this group has now served its purpose and will be disbanded going forward, that being the case your Company Council is pressing the company for an urgent meeting to discuss this and any other pertinent current issues. Therefore I would encourage you all to address any such concerns with your Company Council reps in the normal manner.

Your current TSSA Company Council reps are as follows:
- Chris Rose – Glasgow
- Peter Jefferies – Swindon

If you are interested in becoming a Company Council rep we have the two following vacancies:
- London
- Crewe (including Birmingham office)

For more information about the role and guidance about what support and or training you can expect to receive please do not hesitate to contact me].

On a final note it is important at this unsettling time that you speak to your colleagues and ask them to consider joining TSSA so that they can receive important updates and support. They can obtain a membership form to print out and complete on this website.

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