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Redeployed to Scrapheap!

25 April 2012

Please follow the link below to see our Network Rail redeployment policy newsletter. Please download and share

   Redeployed to Redundancy


After years of your union challenging NR’s often appalling treatment of displaced staff, 2012 started with good news: A redeployment policy to actually help displaced staff to find work in NR! The bad news: the company quickly “changed their mind”, deciding they’d rather not help after all. 


During the Milton Keynes national consultation process your reps demanded an effective process to support displaced staff. A high level briefing on a new redeployment policy followed. Your reps welcomed a commitment that displaced staff would be given support in finding suitable roles across the company, and would be placed ahead of candidates already in secure roles. As soon as the policy was published, this commitment was unilaterally reversed by the company without any discussion with your reps.

Shockingly, a policy expected to help assist displaced staff now states, “at all times our objective is to recruit the best person for the job”. While this may sound innocuous on first reading, it gives Network Rail a free hand to use reorganisations as a means to send our members down the road. A recruiting manager need only fob you off with a claim that another applicant was “more suitable” and they can throw you on the scrapheap with a clear conscience!

Your Rights

In any reorganisation, Network Rail are legally obliged to seek to reduce the number ofpotential redundancies. A sensible redeployment policy is an effective means of meeting this obligation. 

If applied, the current policy would be a huge step backwards. In failing to offer you a suitable employment opportunity to avoid making you redundant, NR risk unfair dismissal in the eyes of the law. 

What Can You Do If You Are Displaced?

When applying for suitable vacancies you are legally entitled be given priority over candidates who are not displaced. We have raised our concerns with NR, requesting a written commitment to improve the policy in line with their moral and legal obligations to displaced staff.

In the meantime, if you are unsuccessful in your application or interview, make sure you obtain feedback. If you are not satisfied that you have been treated fairly at any stage in the process, use your right to appeal. You are entitled to representation so contact your local TSSA rep or call our Members’ Helpdesk for rep’s details.

How Can You Help?

Remind any affected colleagues who are not yet members that they need to join us to influence the process or benefit from representation and support. Go to

 If you or a colleague would like to support members in need of help and advice, call the Members’ Helpdesk to discuss opportunities with a TSSA organiser.


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