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7 October 2010

Members will be aware that Delta Rail has announced that due to a fall in work load, they are to close a number of their engineering activities. The company is forecasting a net loss of 1.7M after interest and tax for the year ending 30 September 2010. This is compared to a net profit of £1.76M in the previous year. Around 50 staff positions are affected and currently at risk.

Consultation process

An initial consultation meeting has taken place between the company and your TSSA representatives. Assurances have been given by Delta Rail, in looking at re-deployment to suitable alternative roles for staff at risk.

TSSA Company Council rep. John Hurley has been involved in the consultation thus far, if any member has any questions or concerns, they should contact John on; 08701901201. Another consultation is planned for 14 October 2010. So please forward any questions etc. to him before this date, in this respect, It is important that members attend their branch meetings.

We have challenged the company over their position regarding redundancy payments. The company’s position is that staff, whose calculated redundancy payments are over and above the statutory requirements (i.e. Red Book), will be paid over a 12-month period. We have responded to this by stating that this is not acceptable, and we will defend our members in this respect, taking a legal position if necessary.

In terms of getting advice and support for our members post redundancy, I have been in touch with the “Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre”. They can offer invaluable advice covering everything from Job Seekers Allowance, understanding how the benefit system works and offering support on a number of issues affecting staff who find themselves in a redundancy situation. I will be approaching the company with a view to allowing this organisation into the work place, in order for them to give their presentation. They also offer one to one support. If you would like to take advantage of this, then please contact John Hurley A.S.A.P. in order for us to gauge the numbers.

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