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Release for Union Learning Reps

26 December 2014

Release for Union Learning Reps

TSSA Learning recognises the need for Union Learning Reps to have adequate release in work time to carry out their Union Learning duties and to take time to engage with their colleagues – often in spread out patches – and to be able to complete outcomes, feedback, reports and paperwork that best informs their negotiating with management as well as organising learning activities based on what members want.

Research shows release arrangements set out in Union Learning Agreements are fairly standard.

Most ULRs have a procedure which involves either informing a coordinated person or their manager with an agreed notice period and then roster clerks/supervisors plan their release.
However in practice we’ve identified a number of problems with this system:
n Employers/managers don’t understand or disagree with union activity generally and so delay or obstruct the process.
n Frequently ULRs report to us that they don’t get informed that they have release until the last moment.
n Processes aren’t clear or ULRs don’t get definitive answers.
n Release is awarded but no solution to covering existing work is offered and reps get overwhelmed.
l For assistance and advice contact the TSSA Helpdesk on or 0800 3282673
l TSSA Learning will be producing guidance for ULRs, but please get in touch with us if you have particular case studies of refused release, or overcoming a difficult situation,

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