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Relocation of Head Office

17 May 2011

The letter issued to employees on 3 October 2001 informed Rail Europe staff of the Company's intention to relocate its Head Office from Piccadilly and its Operations Centre from Leake Street to Kings Hill in Kent.

This letter also stated that ’FOR those of you who cannot, OR DO NOT, wish TO move WITH the business, this could mean redundancy’.

In the two impromptu meetings TSSA has held with some staff from Leake Street this week, many issues arising from this letter have already been raised which affect members and non-members alike.

Any member of TSSA with individual problems can call our Helpdesk for advice, and Colin Lund, your TSSA representative, is back at work in Leake Street.

The correspondence to staff from Rail Europe dated 4 October 2001 contains more detail concerning the consultation process. Reference is made to elected representatives being required to discuss such matters as ’ways TO avoid redundancies; reducing the numbers of redundancies AND lessening the impact of redundancies.’

ANY member of TSSA elected TO sit ON this body will receive the FULL support AND assistance of the TSSA TO ensure that employees’ rights are paramount.

If you know of anyone who is not yet a member of TSSA then please encourage them to join. We can act individually and collectively to protect your rights and temper the possible effects of this decision.

There is a quick guide to redundancy on this site, however we hope that these will be as few in Rail Europe as possible.

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