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Remembering Nelson Mandela

6 December 2013

TSSA mourns the passing of Nelson Mandela - not just an elder statement and symbol of hope - but someone who was instrumental in bringing liberation to millions and ending one of the greatest crimes of the past century.

TSSA’s Executive Committee today held a minute’s silence and agreed that General Secretary Manuel Cortes will sign the South African High Commission’s book of condolence on behalf of the Association.

The victory over Apartheid was won by the unity and strength of the majority of the people of South Africa, with those unions in COSATU playing a vital role in developing the struggle. Solidarity provided by the labour movement and others across the globe helped strengthen the ability of the majority of South Africans to achieve their liberation – a lesson that remains highly relevant today.

Nelson Mandela showed us that however powerful the enemies of justice are, however hopeless a situation may seem, the struggle of ordinary men & women standing together can overcome them.

We remember him and all those who dedicated their lives to the struggle against Apartheid.


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