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Report Shows Grayling's Fingerprints All Over Crossrail Failings

3 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary has said Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, must carry the can for major delays and huge funding problems to Crossrail.

The project – known as The Elizabeth Line – which will run trains at high speed east to west through London’s central core will now not open until 2021, nearly three years behind schedule.

A report by the National Audit Office (NAO) found that the project ended up delayed and over budget because the management team clung to an opening date that was undeliverable.

The NAO found the Department for Transport ‘had a gap in its understanding of delivery risks and the likelihood of meeting the December 2018 opening date’.

It also said ‘assumptions about the level of progress that was achievable bore little resemblance to the historic progress that contractors had made’.

Manuel Cortes said: “Yet again the hard facts show that Chris Failing Grayling’s fingerprints are all over this. Time and again we see the same pattern - Grayling is responsible one way or another for huge mismanagement of public funds and yet he keeps his job.

“When is Theresa May going to have the guts to sack a Transport Secretary who has become the master of financial disaster? If she and her awful Government weren’t so weak Grayling would have been gone long ago.

“The public, who have had to foot the bill for this fiasco to the tune of up to £1bn, will not forgive or forget how the Conservatives and Grayling have failed them.”

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