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Reps Recommend Amey Final Pay Offer

25 April 2017

Following our members' rejection of the previous offer and request for further pay talks, Amey have made a final offer. Our reps recommend that you vote to accept this in our online referendum as it is the best achievable through negotiation in the current pay round.

 To download a pdf of this circular click   Reps Recommend Amey Final Pay Offer

Final offer details

After tabling an initial offer which our Reps felt unable to recommend, management offered to increase the underpin as follows on condition of a recommendation to accept.

  • Underpin increased from £500 to £650 (affecting staff with a salary of under £21,666)
  • Consolidated salary increase of 3%
  • H&S staff incorporated into collective bargaining

See the company’s offer letter here:

For Amey’s evidence of who would benefit from the increased underpin, see

Although our Reps feel that the limited improvements fall short of our aspirations, we recognise that this constitutes a final offer that is the best achievable through negotiation in the current pay round. Our negotiating team believe that the only means of securing an improvement to the offer would be through a campaign of well supported official industrial action. On this basis, we recommend that all members within collective bargaining vote to accept and focus on next year’s claim for improvements to pay and conditions.

Your referendum invitation

Please complete our online referendum survey before 1700 Friday 5 May:

All TSSA members employed by Amey are invited to vote to help determine whether our union accepts or rejects the offer. Our Reps recommend that you vote to accept the offer, concluding the negotiations. Members who believe we should reject the offer need to be prepared to undertake a campaign of industrial action that will require mobilising most of our members to withdraw their labour until we achieve acceptable improvements.

Members outside of collective bargaining

Management’s defence of their offer included a claim that staff outside of collective bargaining (Bands D and above and all grades employed in central functions) have a budgeted salary increase of just 2%. Members employed in these areas are not eligible to vote to accept or reject the collectively bargained offer but can still participate in other elements of our survey.

During talks, we made clear that we want to extend bargaining to members who currently get a worse deal because the company refuse to recognise their union when negotiating pay and conditions.

We are more able to extend our agreements if more members outside of collective bargaining join our union. All members are asked to encourage colleagues to join us via

What’s next?

Many members will be disappointed that the company will not lift the cap on salary increases without a serious fight. If we do not secure a significant majority of members who reject the offer and support industrial action we will need to focus our organising efforts on negotiations for the next review of pay and conditions ahead of the March 2018 anniversary.

If the referendum mandates us to reject the offer and indicates a sufficient level of support for an industrial action campaign that could force the company back to the negotiating table, our Reps will seek authority from our Executive Committee to move to a ballot for industrial action.

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