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Response to company, 22 August

22 August 2012

In reference to yours dated 22/08/2012, may I point out that what you proposed in your letter dated 22/08/2012 is tantamount to calling impasse on the present discussions, which in the view of this union is still on-going.

I would also like to point out that if you are seriously going to implement any of your  proposals without agreement, then you are in breach of your own policies and current agreements, and also in breach of the “Payment of Wages” Act 1991.

I request that you withdraw this letter and the undercurrent of threats applied within, as this correspondence is now companywide having been released to the employees before the union negotiation teams could review the contents.

The release of this information is in the view of TSSA a breach of professional ethics and confidentially, during the negotiations process.

I would also point out to the company that employees represented by TSSA (all grades) are covered by a legal and enforceable contract, containing certain agreed terms and conditions, and if you are going to try and implement a new contract and conditions in relation to pay and other entitlements without first exhausting the agreed mechanism, you are, I am afraid, heading to an industrial dispute, caused by your own actions.

TSSA are open to discussions and negotiations, and are concerned about the financial position the company finds itself, and indeed have offered counter proposals to ensure the financial stability of the company, thus far these counter proposals have been rejected by the company.

To end this correspondence and not to be dragged in lengthy letter and e-mails, the bottom line is thus:

TSSA will if necessary give you notice of “industrial dispute” if you insist on your current path.

I wait a reply and can reassure you that your correspondence to this office will be confidential and private, and will be treated in a professional ethical manner.

TSSA does have a duty of care to their members and will of course keep them updated on this matter.

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