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Review of TSSA’s operations

6 January 2014

TSSA’S Executive Committee has launched a root and branch review of the Association’s activities with the aim of bringing about a more financially sustainable balance of income and expenditure.

The review will seek to maximise income from all sources including properties, investments and membership subscriptions, as well as reducing costs to substantially decrease the sum that is transferred from the union’s reserves each year.

The guiding principle will be to maintain our union’s ability to represent members, build membership and continue to influence external decision makers. Parallel reviews will examine efficiencies and costs savings that can be made within our democratic structures, amongst the services TSSA provides and a new structure which significantly reduces our staffing costs. Staffing changes are currently subject to consultation with the GMB, who represent TSSA’s own staff, whilst other changes will be debated by branch delegates at the Association’s annual conference in May.

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