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RfLI 2018/19 Pay Referendum

29 January 2019

TSSA has received a final offer from RfLI to settle the 2018/19 pay review which we are now putting to a vote of members


Basic pay: An increase of 1% plus and additional amount of 1.25% back dated to 1st April 2018. Performance award of 2.25%

Holiday Pay: Overtime worked in 2019 will be included when calculating holiday pay.

TOIL/Overtime: 1.25% for both.

Christmas Pay: This will be reviewed annually.

Shift Allowance: An unsocial hours clause will form part of the contract of employment. This will provide information about the allowance amounts for each of the shift patterns in Operations and Maintenance.

Meal Breaks: One hour in total, can be taken as a thirty minute lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks

Private Medical Benefit: This is corporate policy and is non negotiable at a local level, however, we have committed to further benchmarking of the new pay structure with a focus on the benefits for Band 3 equivalent employees which includes Service Infrastructure Managers and Maintenanace grades 3A.

Pay for Performance: Please see additional letter here:   RfLI PfP Jan 2019

The offer commits RfLI to suspension of the TfL Pay for Performance system while we negotiate a replacement.

We will continue our work to benchmark salaries to those within the wider industry. While RfLI will not commit to any uplift as an outcome of this work, TSSA will press through future pay negotiations to ensure that our members are paid at the appropriate level for the Rail Industry. Clearly, our negotiating position will be much stronger once the railway is operational.

In effect, this means that all Control staff will receive an immediate backdated uplift to pensionable pay of 2.25%. In addition, you will receive a lump sum payment equal to 2.25% of your basic salary.

Our view

While this falls short of our aspiration to achieve an RPI plus increase, given announcement of the additional £1.3bn bailout and TfL’s ongoing funding crisis, and that the pay talks for 2019/20 are imminent, your Reps feel that it is time to grab what’s on offer and move on.


This is not the end of the road but the beginning of a process whereby we can slowly sort out the mess that is RfLI and hopefully move towards a better future.

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