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Robber Baron rail firms rip off passengers in New Year

23 November 2010

Gerry Doherty, leader of the TSSA rail union, criticised Ministers today for allowing rail fares to rise by up to 10 per cent in January.

"It is simply outrageous that hard pressed commuters are being forced to pay fare hikes of up to 10 per cent when they are themselves facing pay freezes and job cuts.

"We will see fares soar by 30 per cent over the next four years as Ministers and private train companies hold passengers to ransom with the lifting of the fares cap fomula.

"Ministers claim this is to pay for a better railway. Passengers will regard that as a sick joke seeing as we have the most expensive and overcrowded railway in Europe.

"It is scandulous that taxpayers are subsidising the likes of Sir Richard Branson to the tune of £800 million a year and then paying through the nose for a second class service.

"These profiteers are the robber barons of the 21st century and they have been handed a license to print money by the coalition.

"Ministers should be ashamed of themselves. They have simply rolled over for these greedy companies rather than impose a price cap of RPI minus 1 per cent which the Lib Dems promised in their totally discredited manifesto, a document not the worth the paper it was printed on."

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