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RPA Update

10 August 2011

TSSA have being invited by RPA to a meeting Thursday 18 August for exploratory talks regarding formal Union recognition. This is an important step towards ensuring your voice and concerns are heard.

TSSA will be holding a lunchtime meeting Tuesday 23 August at 12:30pm in the RPA offices to discuss the outcome of that meeting as well as to update members on the way forward.

It is now crucial that we look at getting a TSSA workplace rep. This is a role that can be both rewarding and give an additional interest and dimension to your job.

TSSA workplace reps deal with a variety of issues such as assisting members with individual issues, dealing with the relevant government agencies, dealing with management’s plans for the future which bring with it the opportunity to then ask questions on behalf of members and to seek to influence those plans.
You can count on support in your role as a workplace rep. This comes in the form of:

  • An extensive TSSA Training programme
  • Full Time TSSA Officers based in Dublin who are your immediate point of contact and who will provide mentoring and regular support meetings

We will look for expressions of interest for the TSSA workplace rep role at the meeting of the 23 August.

As you can see events have being moving forward at a welcoming pace. TSSA arranged for questions to be asked on your behalf of the Minister of Transport which you should have received copies of in previous circulars.

The TSSA is grateful for the support and good offices of Tommy Broughan TD (Labour Party) and Dessie Ellis TD (Sinn Fein) who have raised questions on behalf of TSSA members in RPA.

As a result of these issue being raised the TSSA has been invited to a meeting with the Department of Transport, regarding RPA in the near future.

We intend for the present pace of movement to continue, but that can only happen with your full support. It is crucial that as many members as possible attend the lunchtime meeting.

It also crucial that we continue to build our union membership and strength. The meeting will be an opportunity for those members of staff, who are no yet TSSA members, to come along and learn how far TSSA have progressed your workplace issues in a number of weeks.

Please speak with your workplace colleagues and encourage them to attend the meeting.

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