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Save the British steel industry

20 October 2015

Lending his support to the campaign to save the British steel industry, leader of the TSSA rail Union Manuel Cortes called on the Prime Minister to intervene to save not just steel jobs but the future of safe rail travel in Britain.

Cortes said Britain's rail passengers travel in greatest safety when they travel on tracks made of British steel.

"We in the rail industry cannot stand by and watch the destruction of our steel industry because Britain produces the best rail track in the world.

"And Scunthorpe is the crème de la crème producer because of it's premium heat-treated rail is produced using a unique patented process which ensures it has exceptional wear resistance.

"This is world beating track. We should be proudly flogging it to the world not flogging off our steel industry.

"The future - and the future safety - of our country's fast track rail development depends on the sheer good quality of our steel.

"David Cameron must stop this economic vandalism, keep the coke ovens burning and save the British steel industry and British steel jobs."

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