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Say NO To Racism

7 August 2012

Following the announcement that the English Defence League (EDL) is intending to march in Chelmsford on 18 August ‘United Chelmsford’ has organised a march to voice its opposition to the EDL and its attempt to divide the community.

‘United Chelmsford’ has contacted both mosques and all the churches, and a meeting is planned to organise opposition to the EDL.

Hundreds of leaflets have been issued to trade union branches, local organisations, political parties, churches, mosques and to the public in the High Street.

People are being urged to join United Chelmsford’s march on 18 August. Assemble at 11.30am in Tindal Square and march through the city at 1pm. The march will return to Tindal Square where further speeches will take place.

The meeting is supported by Unite Against Fascism and a range of speakers have been invited reflecting the community.
TSSA would encourage members where possible to join other TSSA activists at the march and rally to show their opposition to racism and if you can bring some friends.

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