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Scotland's railways for people, not profit

28 July 2014

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes backed Labour's new rail policy as shadow minister Mary Creagh arrived in Scotland to join the debate on public railways north of the border.

He said, "We very much welcome the commitment that an incoming Labour Government in 2015 will give the Scottish Parliament the power to run its railways. We will be campaigning extremely hard to ensure that Scotland's railways are returned to public ownership. This will end the rip-off privatisation and put passenger and taxpayer interests first - not shareholders!

"I think that the SNP needs to explain how Brian Souter's bankrolling of their party and the Yes campaign affects their position on the railways. Labour's proposals, which will allow public ownership, have come under heavy fire from the Railway Delivery Group, of which Stagecoach, is a major player.
"Can Alex Salmond explain whether this will be a case of he who pays the piper calls the tune?"

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