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Scotrail agree to union talks over rail control jobs

14 January 2016

TSSA has brokered a deal to bring Scotrail to the table this month to discuss safety concerns in Control.

TSSA is pleased to report that following phone calls Wednesday between TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes and, Scotrail Alliance's Managing Director, Phil Verster, management have agreed to table talks about our concerns about proposed job cuts at Scotland's rail Control centres.

They have also agreed to subsequent mediation through ACAS, should it become necessary. The two sides will now meet on the week beginning January 25, 2016 and negotiations will involve direct discussions between Cortes and Verster.

Overstretched Control staff are reporting no slack left in their system and are prepared to take strike action to highlight their real fears that passenger and industry safety will be diminished if their staffing levels are reduced..

"TSSA is doing all we can in seeking a satisfactory resolution to our concerns about proposed job cuts at Scotland's rail control centres,"said Cortes.

"This is not a pay issue, it is entirely a safety issue," said chief Cortes. "Our members are the experts in the rail control field and they must be listened to if they fear that a reduction to staffing levels are going to make accidents more likely.

"We are glad Scotrail Alliance is now in a listening mood and are hopeful that we can reach an agreement which will keep our controls properly staffed and Scotland's rail passengers travelling safely. In the meantime, we will continue making arrangements for industrial action."

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