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Scotrail Commonwealth Games referendum

10 July 2014

Vote in the referendum on First ScotRail's offer for Commonwealth Games special working

The company's offer is as follows:

Commonwealth Games - Payments And Working Arrangements Formal Offer

Commonwealth Games 21 July 2014 until 03 August 2014

Flat rate payment for all grades of staff represented by RMT, TSSA & Unite, covered by collective bargaining agreement

  • Every member of staff available to work during the duration of the games will be paid £250.
  • A pro rata payment will apply to members of staff that are unavailable due to annual leave, lieu leave, Jury Duty, TA etc.
  • Staff involved in a fatality during the period of the games will qualify for the payment.
  • Payment in respect of flexible / part time working will be on a pro rata basis.
  • Any member of staff on long term sick for the duration of the games will not receive the £250. Any member of staff on short term sickness will be deducted 1/8th per day of their absence.
  • Any member of Traincrew off train running will be used to best advantage during the games period.
  • Any turns extended Monday to Saturday will be paid overtime rounded up to the hour.
  • Any member of staff on Annual Leave, for the two weeks of the Games, may volunteer to work the middle Sunday (27 July) however, will be last in line to work.
  • Conductor & Ticket Examiner grades only. Double time will be paid for Sundays 27th July and 03 August. Turns on these Sundays will be subject to a + 4 – 4 hour movement. All known Sunday work will be rostered.
  • This payment will be made at the conclusion of the games and entered through the paybill in time for the 29 August bank transfer.

Other Arrangements

It is proposed to suspend staff and representation activities, with the exception of diagram scrutiny, to ensure maximum availability of staff.

For the period of the Commonwealth Games the Company will refrain from taking action to dismiss employees under its disciplinary procedure and if necessary shall suspend employees on normal pay until 04 August 2014 when normal disciplinary proceedings will continue. Both the Trade Unions and Company will work together on any issue that has the potential to disrupt the successful delivery of the Commonwealth Games.


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