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ScotRail passenger satisfaction drops - again!

31 January 2018

Responding to news that levels of satisfaction had dipped amongst ScotRail passengers with punctuality, ticket prices and overcrowding the biggest issues TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said:

 “These figures confirm what we already know. That Scottish commuters are getting a raw deal from Abellio. They get the biggest handout from the government in the UK and still can’t offer value for money, punctuality or even a seat.

“It’s beyond a joke that Humza Yousaf is still defending Abellio’s dismal record running ScotRail.  

 “Humza’s defending the results by saying that they’re better than other parts of the UK – and so they should be given that the Scottish taxpayers fund a bigger subsidy than any other part of the country. But that’s a smack in the face for passengers on overcrowded late running commuter trains who’ve just seen fare prices rise by more than their wages yet again and still can’t be certain that the train will stop where it’s supposed to. It’s no wonder passengers are saying they’ve had enough.

“It’s time Humza stopped letting Abellio take Scottish passengers for a ride.”

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