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ScotRail takes passengers for a ride

29 January 2018

Responding to revelations that ScotRail is ordering at least 20 trains a day to skip stations, leave passengers stranded on platforms or trapped on trains, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said,

"Yet again ScotRail is in the news for all the wrong reasons. When a passenger gets on the train they expect to be able to get off at the stop they bought a ticket for. But now, they get to watch their station sail by with the train not stopping. Talk about taking people for a ride! It might even be funny if it wasn't so serious. It's making passengers late for work, or late collecting the kids from school or childcare.

"How much longer is Trasnport Minister, Humza Yousaf going to spend in denial whilst Abellio continue to run a service in their interests not the passengers?

"The company told unions it had made £1 million in profit in 2017. Now they have a genius business plan that ignores scheduled station stops because they get in the way of the profit making process. It looks like they'll be kicking passengers in the teeth and they will again laugh all the way to the bank.

"We're only the first month into the year and already Abellio's new improvement plan makes the plot of Alice in Wonderland sound like a piece of gritty social realism. Privatisation of ScotRail is not working. Passengers know it. Rail unions know it. And Humza's decision to let Abellio get away with the profit booty rather than give them the boot will, I predict now, hit him and his party where it really hurts - in the ballot box"

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