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Scottish Labour Conference: the fight-back has begun

1 May 2012

The Scottish Labour conference held in Dundee in early March was my first as a delegate, but I needn't have worried, being accompanied by our new General Secretary Manuel Cortes and knowledgeable Scottish Senior Organiser Tom Kennedy, it made for a really enjoyable experience.

Johann Lamont

As soon as you entered the hall you could feel a real buzz about the place. This only increased in the run-up to the arrival of Ed Miliband, who totally commanded the stage and audience, speaking without notes for 30 minutes.

I’ve never heard anyone speak so passionately or eloquently without any prompts before - it was a joy to watch.

Ed pulled no punches with his disgust for the Tory and Lib Dem millionaires in Westminster and their relentless attack on lower and middle-income society.

Saturday saw an inspirational rousing speech from our new Scottish leader Johann Lamont and from our new equalities champion, deputy leader Anas Sarwar, both of whom I was able to speak with later in the day. Johann told us how 400 women were losing their jobs each and every day in Scotland, with over 100,000 under 25 year olds stuck on the dole for more than a year with no real job prospects. Depressing yet inspirational stuff – I certainly came away more energised and ready to defend our members’ rights.

Margaret Anslow, Executive Committee member for Scotland

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