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ScottishTUC Calls on ScotRail to Woman-Up!

18 April 2019

Scottish TUC has put its weight behind a TSSA campaign to get ScotRail to appoint a woman to its Executive Board.

TSSA activists believe the gender gap at the top of the company is generating an unacceptable level of gender discrimination across the company.

And yesterday in Dundee delegates to Scottish TUC agreed with and passed a TSSA motion calling for at least one woman to be appointed to the Executive Board.

Responding to the news that STUC is putting its weight to the TSSA campaign, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“Unless women are represented at the highest level of transport we will not be able to eradicate the casual and entrenched misogyny that demeans life for so many women not just as ScotRail employees but as passengers too.

"Our TSSA Minding the Gender Gap campaign shows why unions remain vital to making better workplaces and bringing social change.

"It is actually quite shocking that in 2019 ScotRail has no women on its Executive Board, but sadly it is indicative of the position of women within the rail industry as a whole. But it is right that unions call it out.

“When women are under-represented at senior levels this translates to culture and working practices which exclude women, especially women with caring responsibilities. The decision last year to impose nightshifts on women working in the CCTV department is just one example of this.

“TSSA campaigns for diverse workplaces and for glass ceilings to be smashed. I applaud our Scottish activists determination to change the culture from the top down in ScotRail not just from the bottom - which is sadly where the disproportion of women are to be found.
“ScotRail's board need to reflect on its male only future and change quickly. I will be seeking a meeting with Alex Hynes to discuss the issue. His TSSA members are holding him to account. A real change in gender culture must come soon. TSSA is delighted to help lead that change. ."
Notes to desks

ScotRail Executive Board is listed at Companies House here  Check the box that says "Current Officers" at the top of he page to remove executive board members who are no longer there. 



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