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SERA South West McNulty Meeting

15 March 2012

TSSA South Wales & Western Region are hosting a McNulty meeting with SERA Southwest


SERA McNulty Meeting

TSSA has recently affiliated to SERA Southwest, they are holding their next meeting on the 14th April at 10:00 in the TSSA office in Bristol. The meeting is about the effects of the McNulty report to real people. The discussion will be led by Bernard Kennedy the Bristol Branch Secretary from ASLEF.

The meeting will start with Bernard giving an overview and will then be open for questions and comments. TSSA would like to propose that out of that meeting we look to campaign to stop the cuts McNulty will bring.

Who are SERA? (Socialist, Environmental & Resource Association)

SERA are an affiliate of the Labour Party, they advise on environmental and transport policy among other things and are one of the most influential groups associated with the Labour Party. At a national level they have a lot of influence into Labour Party Policy.


How do I get involved?

The best way is to turn up to a meeting and take a look; you can email SERA direct Or contact the TSSA regional office at



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