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Shift Station Managers - Sunday Pay Offer

26 June 2019


Shift Station Managers: Less hours, more pay, it’s good to be part of TSSA!

TSSA has been campaigning to ensure that Shift Station Managers are paid for Sundays and all the hours you work.

Unlike other operational grades, SSMs contracts (imposed by Railtrack and continued by NR) do not provide for any enhancement for rostered Sundays and require our members to work beyond the contracted 35 hours per week without pay. TSSA regards this as unacceptable.

After hours of negotiations failed to deliver a reasonable outcome, we registered a formal dispute and notified NR of our intent to ballot you for industrial action. And at the 11th hour, Network Rail have made us an offer which meets our minimum criteria.

The full offer can be found here:   SSM Sundays offer 2019, but the key elements are:

Rostered Sundays to be paid at time and a half.

Average 35 hours a week (Sundays as part of working week).

Based on a 6 person roster, this equates to 18 Sundays per year, meaning an operational allowance of 5.93% applied to all salaries regardless of where you are in the pay band or pay zone.

Uplift to the bottom of the 4b of 1.5% (agreed in 2019 pay talks), followed by uplift of 6% to create a new starting rate for the SSM job and all SSM salaries uplifted to minimum of this level.

The 2019 pay rise to be applied based on the new salary.

Any additional elements agreed as part of the negotiations over a 24/7 Role Clarity contract will be applied in addition to the above.

Your Reps believe that this offer is a major improvement on the current contract and will provide all SSM’s with recompense for the Sundays you work. In addition, we have negotiated a significant uplift for the over 50% of SSMs employed at the very bottom of the salary scale.

We could not have achieved this win without the untiring work of your SSM Reps and the support of our members. If any of your colleagues are not yet members of TSSA, please encourage them to join:

The power of the Union uniting the grade behind our campaign has delivered. The more members we have, the better we can continue to campaign and ensure that SSM’s are treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Please click the link below to vote on whether you are prepared to accept the offer:


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