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Solidarity from the United Kingdom or really, a non-united kingdom

22 September 2017

Ciao Bella a Firenze! Solidarietà della Regno Unito o veramente. uno regno. non molto unito!

Greetings Florence!
Solidarity from the United Kingdom or really, a non-united kingdom.

Theresa May is in Florence today setting out her Conservative Government terms for a political and economic divorce from the European Union (EU).
I want you to do know she does not speak in the name of the majority of British people.

16 months ago 52% of the British people may have voted to leave the EU but they did so on a tissue of lies and right-wing propaganda. Many have since come to regret their vote.

And as the consequences of leaving the EU become ever more clear, many more who voted leave are changing their mind as they see our EU colleagues leave their jobs in our hospitals, our care homes, our agricultural and food industries.

Of course the EU is far from perfect. It is not a socialist nirvana. But British workers rights in tbe UK are better protected by our membership of the EU than they are by a right-wing Tory government.

Britain is far from a united kingdom. It is divided bitterly by Brexit.

The Brexit vote was a vote to build walls and erect borders. Workers should have no truck with any politics that either locks them out or jails them in. Our union represents workers across the island of Ireland and know from our own experience that bridges are always preferable to walls.

Money has no such prison. Capital flows freely. As do the rich. We must defend the rights of workers to live, to love and to work where they choose across our Europe.

On behalf of transport workers from across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, we thank our sisters and brothers who have come to Florence today to tell Theresa May her vision for Britain is a stain on Europe.

Your hand of friendship to fellow workers in Britain is a welcome inspiration and a reminder that another Europe, based on friendship and the solidarity of working people is possible. Never have Karl Marx's words been more important: Proletariat di tutti i Paesi, unitevi!

In Solidarity

Manuel Cortes
TSSA General Secretary

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